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All hail the Sleepyhead!

All hail the Sleepyhead!

It’s hard to describe how much love I have for a Sleepyhead. It’s a love that is complex and so sacred. 

When I told my husband that The Girl had grown out of it, he said “We should frame the sleepyhead and put it on the wall in the nursery.”

It changed our life.What is it? Simply, it’s a sleepy aid for your baby so that they feel more secure and wrapped up, similar to being in the womb.

If you are like me, you’ve probably read about the Sleepyhead in a few blogs of “Essential items for a newborn” or maybe your friends have told you about it. But after some quick googling you realise a Sleepyhead is a glorified, expensive pillow. Too expensive – you think you can live without it.

You can’t — trust me, you can’t. (For our US readers, a Sleepyhead is a Dock-a-tock).

On day 5 of my daughter’s life and after 3 nights of endless cycles of holding, rocking, laying back down — only for her to wake back up again — I succumbed to buying a Sleepyhead.

It was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in my entire life. Here are five reasons you need to buy a sleepyhead TODAY:

  1. It’s magic – it’s a easily transportable, magic carpet ride where your baby sleeps and your arms get a rest.
  2. You know your baby is safe in it. She can’t roll, flip or wiggle her way out of this one…(at least until she’s 6 months old).
  3. It can go on the floor, in a moses basket, in your bed or in the cot.
  4. The cover are completely washable.
  5. It will significantly improve your babies sleep and as a result, your sleep! Your cat can also have a bit of a snooze, as you can see from our picture.

We also found it super helpful to have an extra cover, but these retail at £50, so you can always use a muslin, like Em did for The Boy in the picture above.

DO IT. Buy one today.

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