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THE HAPPY SONG: It will change your life.

THE HAPPY SONG: It will change your life.

What is the Happy Song?

No, it isn’t Pharrell William’s ‘Happy.The Happy Song is a song and music video that is meant to encapsulate everything a baby or toddler loves – for example laughing, blowing raspberries and trains. As the creators put it, it’s the #SoundofHappy.

Why is it so special?

Imogen Heap (the composer), Dr Capser Addyman (baby psychologist) and Dr Lauren Steward (prof. psychology and music) wanted to create a piece of music that makes babies happy. Combining science and music, they observed and measured a group of baby’s heartbeats to understand what sights and sounds they enjoyed the most. It was quite an incredible experiment! The results of this experiment created The Happy Song.

Besides the fact it makes babies happy, it can also make parents happy. WITHOUT FAIL, Em and I are able to use this song with our babies to get them to stop crying (you know, that kind of crying that is hysterical but you can’t do anything to stop it). It’s also been known to put The Girl to sleep in the car. It has NEVER failed us, and that is quite a statement. It really must be the #SoundofHappy for kiddos.


  • The joy on your baby’s face when they hear this song is priceless.
  • If you download the song from Amazon (or save the youtube recording as a audio file on your mobile), you can play the song on the go. We’ve played it on the tube, rail, car, plane, pram — essentially on all the modes of transport.


  • The tune will obviously get stuck in your head, but it’s hardly as annoying as the theme song for Spongebob Squarepants.

Here, give it a quick listen yourself or test it out on your baby:

If you’re interested in understanding what went on behind the scenes, here’s ‘The Making of The happy Song’



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