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Science Museum: How suitable is it for one year olds?

Science Museum: How suitable is it for one year olds?

We were inspired by @clemwallop‘s post on The Motherhood about museums in London for babies so we started visiting a few ourselves! The first: The Science Museum in South Kensington.

First off, I have to say I completely forgot to take any blog-worthy pictures except for the picture above! Such a shame as the space was lovely – just means you really will have to go see it for yourself!

Why didn’t I go before?

A big concern I had (and what held me back from visiting museums) was whether there would be an area for The Girl to crawl / walk, where she wouldn’t have to be confined to her pram the whole time. Walking around a crowded, loud museum with a baby that is getting annoyed about being in their pram for so long didn’t sound like my idea of fun! After a quick google it seemed like The Science Museum may have a suitable area.

Google was correct! There are two specific areas in the museum for crawling/walking babies:

1. The Pattern Pod:

On the ground floor and all the way in the back, the pattern pod is an interactive area with things for kids to touch, pull, grab, push, slide and jump on. It utilises loads of sounds, music, lights and textures with each of the different sections of the display. The Girl liked the ‘waterless-pond’ that ripples as the children jump in it (with fish and everything!) and the wall of different textures the best.

2. The (inside) Garden 

In the basement, The Garden is an incredibly fun and wacky space for kids. There are gigantic yellow rubber strings hanging from the ceiling as you walk in, gigantic play mat, loads of mirrors in odd places to reflect back at the kids, boards full of light (like in the photo above!) and a really cool water area that the kids can stand at and play with different toys in the water. Luckily they also provide aprons! Because there were so many older kids running around, we did hold The Girl most of the time, but she did enjoy it.

Here’s some other top tips we learned along the way:

  • If you go on a Sunday and get there right at 10 am, you will 100% find close, FREE parking
  • Because we arrived at 10 am, it wasn’t too busy. But I would be wary of going any later since both the Pattern Pod and the Garden are for kids up to the age of 8 years old, it can get SUPER busy, which can really lead to your baby becoming over stimulated too quickly
  • There is a cafe on the ground floor that sells baby friendly food, but it’s a bit expensive
  • For both the Pattern Pod and the Garden, you have to leave your pram in an area where you can see it, so be sure to keep all of your valuables with you and in a bag to quickly take with you!

What museum should we try next? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram!

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