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Review: Hamax Caress Bike Seat

Review: Hamax Caress Bike Seat

The past few weekends we have been loving the sunny weather and in particular taking The Boy out on our bikes on his snazzy new bike seat.

It seems like a long time ago, but pre-kids The Boy’s Dad and I used train for triathlons and spend most weekends out on our bikes whizzing round Richmond Park. The Boy’s Dad is a keen cyclist commuting upwards of 60 miles a week.

It was a no-brainer that as soon as The Boy hit 9 months (the generally agreed age to ride on bike seats) that we started to research the best bike seat for us.

We identified the following requirements for a bike seat

  1. Rear facing: There is much debate about whether a rear facing or front facing seat is better however the research we did led us to decide that a rear facing was safer for us. The Boy was less likely to be hit in case of an accident
  2. Ability to recline: As The Boy is relatively young for riding on a bike we wanted to be able to recline the seat in case of longer journeys where he may get tired. In retrospect we’re not going to be taking him off for miles so I’m not sure we needed this function
  3. Easy to remove: The Boy’s Dad has a selection of bikes he uses for commuting (yes really he is that guy) so it was important that we could easily remove and reattach the bike seat

The Hamax Caress

We chose the Hamax Caress based on our criteria above and so far we have been impressed!

The Pros

Ease of installation. It has a separate bracket which attaches to the bike and locks on to which you can easily attach and remove the bike seat. It’s also very easy to adjust to the exact needs of your child.

Comfort. The Boy seems to be really comfortable and loves being in the seat – he giggles more and more the faster we go!

Price & Longevity. Whilst it isn’t the cheapest bike seat on the market, the Hamax Caress will last The Boy up to 22kg – more than double his current weight! We think the longevity means it was worth the price and the adjustability will mean that he will remain comfortable on it

The Cons

Difficult to manage alone . I’m not sure if its a specific Hamax Caress issue or something that applies to all rear fitting bike seats but it is quite tricky getting The Boy in and out of the seat and keeping the bike upright on your own. So far we have only attempted this as a two man job. In addition, the harness is quite small to go over The Boy’s head and the buckle is quite stiff – I have to ask The Boy’s Dad to do it every time. Hopefully this is something we can resolve over time.

Makes bike more difficult to handle. Again – I think this is a bike seat problem but The Boy’s Dad reports that his bike is significantly more difficult to handle with the bike seat on (well obviously) . We fixed this a bit by adjusting the seat position but this may be better resolved by other bike seats

Overall I would recommend the Hamax Caress. It has some teething problems but feels safe and well designed and The Boy loves it.





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