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Em’s favourite websites and apps for pregnancy

Em’s favourite websites and apps for pregnancy

Unlike Kate I am not a book person. I prefer to rely on the internet for advice and information. I mean it’s not like people lie on the internet right?!

So here are the websites and / or apps I relied on to get me through pregnancy

  1. Ovia Pregnancy Guide – Provides developmental updates week by week. Best part – the French patisserie mode which tells you your baby size in French patisserie – croissant anyone? By the end of your pregnancy Gina the co-founder of Ovia will be your new bff
  2. Mumsnet – Such a cliché but mumsnet is the UK’s most popular parenting website for a reason. Pregnant Em could mainly be found searching for that elusive “perfect name” on the Name Board and reading Birth experiences
  3. Mush – Mush is one of a few social network apps that connect mums with other mums. Basically mum tinder. Just like online dating there are definitely a few wierdos but it’s a great way to meet local mums with kids the same age. I love my mush friends!
  4. Pregnancy workouts Free by Power 20 – In that short window between being sick and being a complete whale I attempted to have a #fitpregnancy. I loved this app which provides trimester-specific-exercise recommendations so much I even paid for it
  5. Hellobee – As a blogger, I loved reading the “bee bloggers” to provide perspectives on everything from birth stories, parenting war stories to travel recommendations.  I still read hellobee especially their weekly round up of “must read” links.



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