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Bach to Baby: A classical music experience

Bach to Baby: A classical music experience

Based in the UK, Bach to Baby is “The critically acclaimed classical concert series for baby and you.” As Miaomiao Yu explained at the first concert I attended, she started Bach to Baby because she wanted her children to appreciate and be exposed to classical music, but didn’t feel that classical concerts were kid-friendly. She created Bach to Baby and started organising events with classical music artists across the country that are 100% kid friendly – dancing, crying, snacking, sleeping and watching up close are encouraged.

I attended Bach to Baby in Chiswick, London right before Christmas 2017 at St Michael and All Angels – it was such a magical experience. I want to share with you what it was like, to encourage you attend a concert, but to also be prepared — I would have loved to know these few tips before going as it would have made the experience even better. I hope they help you!

What it was like:

I showed up 15 minutes before the show was scheduled to start, thinking I was there with plenty of time to spare. I was first greeted by Miaomiao Yu who asked if was my first time and proceeded to explain to me how it works: sit anywhere, kids can get up close but they can’t touch the instruments, don’t worry if your baby cries and just enjoy it. I parked my buggy next to the 100+ buggies, hoping I’d be able to tell mine apart from the sea of YoYo Zen’s.

Because it was just The Girl and I, we found a place relatively close to the front on the floor — the space was empty. Within minutes, the floor was completely full of toddling kids and tired mums! If we had arrived any later we would have been in the very back!

Before the musicians began, Miaomiao did a fun introduction with the kids, explaining what was going to happen, that they could come close but that it was dangerous to get too close – especially to the violinist! And then it began.

Lasting nearly an hour, for an adult, the music was magical and watching hundreds of kids reactions was also entertaining. The Girl, who was 8 months at the time, enjoyed it for the first 5 or 10 mins, but after that she was distracted by ability to crawl everywhere and trying to steal rice cakes from the family sitting next to us.

Was it a nice outing? Yes. I love the concept, how it was run. Despite being incredibly busy – there had to have been 300+ people there – it was such a great experience. I think as The Girl gets older, she will get more out of the experience. With music though, I know part of it is just exposure rather than any tangible outcomes.

What I will do differently next time:

  • Definitely will only bring a carrier – wayyyyyy too many prams! I wish I would have taken a picture of the sea of prams!
  • Pocket change for snacks. I had no idea snacks and drinks would be available!
  • Shown up earlier! It would have been nice to sit in the front on a bench.

Have you been to Bach to Baby? What did you think? Let me know…

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