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ABC Book by Shutterfly

ABC Book by Shutterfly

One of The Boy’s favourite first birthday present was the personalised ABC book we made him using Shutterfly.

It was such a fun project to make and he loves looking at all of the pictures, especially of friends and family we don’t see too often.

I chose Shutterfly as it’s ABC book already has a cute layout with animal pictures and bright colours. I have also previously found Shutterfly to be of great quality and really easy to use.

Creating the Book

To get started on Shutterfly you need to set up an account. They have lots of fun templates – for this project I chose to make a square photo book using their ABC theme.

Once you have chosen, it’s just a case of uploading your photos and updating your alphabet words. You can link your account to your Google photos, Facebook or Instagram or you can upload your pictures from your computer or mobile device.

Then it’s just a case of checking out – and making sure you’ve used one of the many discount codes. For a free photo book use our code here.

The Boy’s ABCs

Coming up with your personalised ABCs is the hardest part of the project! For inspiration here are the ABCs we used for The Boy’s book

A is for Aunties and Uncles

B is for bath time

C is for cute and cool

D is for Daddy

E is for <our nanny’s name>

F is for friends

G is for Granny and Grampa

H is for home

I is for I love you

J is for jumping

K is for Kate and The Girl

L is for Love

M is for Mummy

N is for Nonna (what The Boy calls his other Grandma)

O is for outside

P is for penguin

Q is for quick

R is for reading

S is for swimming

T is for talking

U is for us

V is for very funny

W is for <our nannyshare friend>

X is for XoXo

Y is for Yum

Z is for Zzzz.. Good night!


Have you made your children any photobooks? Anyone else not yet completed their baby book? As a reminder you can claim your free photo book use our code here.

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