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A review of Rocks Lane Soft Play in Chiswick

A review of Rocks Lane Soft Play in Chiswick

There are a handful of soft plays in the Chiswick area (Piccolo, Rocks Lane, and Gymboree) and in Hounslow (Snakes & Ladders). How suitable are these to one year old, or younger? We wondered the same thing! Along with what it is really like, the price, the quality of facilities, etc. Over the next few months we’ll share with you our reviews of each — if you have any questions in the meantime, do let us know in the comments or on Instagram!

The Girl and I visited Rocks Lane Soft Play in Turnham Green, Chiswick on several occasions. Once with a group of friends, and a handful of times on our own. It’s the most recent soft play to open in Chiswick, so we were UBER curious to visit it. 

Where is it? Near Turnham Green station, right across the road from the cross walk, towards the big soccer pitches. It really wasn’t clear from their website where it was and entering the postcode in Google Maps plopped it in the middle of the green , so when I first visited I did have to walk around in what ended up being a big circle.

Top tip: Take bus/tube/walk to Turnham Green station, use the Zebra crossing closest to the station and keep walking straight! You’ll be there in about 2 minutes.

When you enter, it’s a long rectangle room with a reception on the left hand side. They offer two payment options: a one off fee or a collection of 10 entries at a reduced price. It was more expensive than I was expecting: £6 for a single entry. I also wasn’t prepared for this — no where on the website does it say the cost. Regardless, our children are always worth it, am I right?

Top tip: Be prepared to pay £6

The website makes it clear that it’s a soft play for 1 year olds and about – I went with The Girl when she was nearly 11 months, and I think that was OK. She was mobile enough to move around the small baby area – if your child isn’t mobile (crawling, walking, etc), I wouldn’t go. She absolutely enjoyed it more when I went a few weeks later – when she was a bit older.

Top tip: Wait until your little one is mobile before going

The facility itself is obviously brand new and the premises were clean. The best bit: the ball pit! The Girl LOVED it, as did I. It was a proper deep, you could get lost in, pit – SO fun! The worst bit: it all felt a bit cramped, there wasn’t a big baby area, there didn’t seem to be a limit as to the number of people that could be in the area and it was HEAVING with people.

Top tip: Don’t go after school gets out or during the holiday period

I didn’t use the baby change or cafe either time I was there because there was always a que, but from what I could see both looked nice.

What really caught our eyes, in comparison to other soft plays in the area, is the opening hours: 9:30-10 PM (!!) Mon-Friday, and until 6 PM on Saturday & Sunday. By far it’s open the latest out of any soft play we’ve been to. Of course, The Girl is in a Gina Ford routine, so we wouldn’t go that late, but it’s nice to know it’s an option!

In summary, will we go again? Yes, The Girl loved the ball pit (as did I!). Will we buy a 10 entry pass card, No, it’s too expensive (just being honest!).

If you’re in the local area, what did you think about Rocks Lane Soft Play? If you’re not, we’d love to know what you’ve found helpful at soft plays you’ve been at in your local area.

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