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Why we don’t show our kid’s faces

Why we don’t show our kid’s faces

Whilst we are both social media junkies and love nothing more than scrolling through cute baby pics on instagram one thing we have always agreed on is not sharing baby pictures on our blog.

So why?


Keeping The Boy off social media is something that my husband and I agreed on before I even got pregnant. We posted no sonogram pictures or pregnancy announcements, just a simple birth announcement (with privacy set to max) and that’s been it. But why?

The main reason for me is that I cannot predict the future and I don’t know how pictures shared online will be used or even how they could be used. Just as my parents couldn’t really imagine mobile phones with cameras or smart phones at all, photos shared now could be used in ways that I cannot imagine. It’s not clear to me who owns photos uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook or even blogs like this one. For me it’s just not worth the risk. I want The Boy to be able to be whatever he wants to be and would feel terrible if something I had posted about his childhood impacted that.

Secondly I want The Boy to choose what is shared about him. At ten months he can’t make that decision, so I won’t share pictures taken without his consent.

I have to be honest – before we had The Boy I would have rolled my eyes at the sanctimony of having principles around what people share on social media of my child. But now that he is here I always want to protect him and part of that for me is not sharing his face.


As Em said, we have a similar view point on this topic. We don’t know what kind of world we’ll live in in ten years time and who knows what kind of person The Girl will grow up to be.

For me, it’s about consciously choosing what I share online and what I don’t. Lifestyle bloggers typically share all — and that’s great, that’s their choice. I don’t want that level of intimacy of my life shared, but I still think I have something of value to share with the world.

I don’t know what my opinion will be once The Girl is older — it might change. But if it does, it’s going to be in conversation with her.

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