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What you need to know about having a joint first birthday party

What you need to know about having a joint first birthday party

With The Boy and The Girl born just ten days apart, and having many of the same friends, it was a no-brainer to hold a joint one year old birthday party. We planned a relaxed brunch party with around thirty (!) of our closest friends and family at The Boy’s house.

Thinking about throwing a joint birthday party? Here’s what we learnt, which really is applicable to any baby birthday party!

Think about nap times: We planned our party around our kids schedule, knowing that most of the children coming were similar ages and therefore would also need a lunch time nap. We chose the morning as most of our kids are happiest then. It worked out great!

Think about what you can do not what pinterest says you can do: We had lofty plans for photo displays and milestone plans but ultimately we aren’t pinterest mums and décor is not our thing! Instead we focused on what was important to us – good food, drinks and a cake smash (as the picture demonstrates!)

Don’t get over excited with the guest list: It’s so hard not to invite everyone to your child’s first birthday – it’s so important to you! Unfortunately once you have a joint party the numbers increase quickly. We definitely got carried away and even with a number of no-shows on the day we had thirty people. We were lucky that the weather was good so we could spill outside otherwise there would have been trouble!

Think about your kid and what they would want: This is a tough one as The Boy hated every minute of it. He cried through the cake smash and had to be held most of the time – he really isn’t a big crowd person! We had anticipated this reaction so we planned areas of the house for him to chill out in and made sure that he wasn’t crowded by people. That having been said we do recognise that the party was for us really – if he could have chosen he would have rather gone to the duck pond.

If you’re going to do a joint birthday, choose it with someone you can be honest with: Following the pinterest comment point, at 10 pm the night before we were texting and realised neither of us had printed any photos for the displays, bought balloons or painted our nails. Knowing we could be honest with each other and not feel like we were letting each other down made it SO much easier.

Give your partners specific tasks on the day: Ours had the task of serving drinks to guests. Did they do it, sort of. But at least they had a purpose!

Have someone else take photographs: This is a tip from our reading @livyloohoo! You’re so busy on the day hosting, making sure your child is OK and changing nappies that the time goes by so fast – having someone dedicated to taking photographs is a must. We were really lucky to get some gorgeous shots!

Even with two mums, it still takes a village to throw a party: Em’s sister made all the cake, which was incredible! 10 minutes before guests arrived, Em’s Dad was trimming the front garden, her mum was restocking the coffee and Kate’s mum was hanging bunting she had made specifically for the kiddos – the day would not have gone so smoothly if it wasn’t for family!

Take a minute to enjoy it: They will only be one once, and really, once they are older they will have their own ideas for their birthday party so this is our only chance to go crazy!

What’s in store for birthday #2?! Will we do a joint one? We have no idea. Any tips we might have missed, let us know in the comments or on Instagram.

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