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Top tips for travelling overseas – without your baby!

Top tips for travelling overseas – without your baby!

Both of us have been lucky enough to have trips stateside recently – for work (Em) and for a family wedding (Kate).

Whilst we both had a great time, leaving our kids for the first time was terrifying! So much to think about – from childcare logistics and routines, to the emotions of spending our first nights away, ever!

We hope that you find the following tips as useful as we did

1. Make childcare arrangements that are bulletproof

Childcare stress sends us both into a tailspin – there are few things worse than worrying about who is looking after your child and what they are doing together, especially when 5000 miles away. Em solved this by asking her Nanny to do extra hours to cover bed time as she knew that The Boy’s Dad often struggled to be home in time. Kate sorted it by having a few days at nursery and the rest of the time The Girl’s Dad took annual leave. With people we trust in place, we didn’t have to worry!

2. Write everything down

It may be overkill but you don’t need calls in the middle of the night asking where a favourite toy is kept or what to do in case of an emergency. Em wrote a three page list including where to take The Boy in case of emergency, a reminder of his routine, and also lists of his favourite things and playgroups for the days where the nanny wasn’t working. Kate labelled every clothes drawer, made 10+ notecards with The Girl’s routine and essentials strategically pinned throughout the house for easy access as well as a short novel in a google doc.

3. Acknowledge that its hard

It’s OK to be anxious about leaving your child for the first time – no matter how old they are or how much you are looking forward to going away. We both found that once you acknowledge those feelings it was easier to work through them and to be able to enjoy our time away.

4. Let go of the guilt and enjoy the “me time”

Sometimes as Mums it can be hard to find time for yourself, but it’s important too. We both used our trips to take some “me time”. Em snuck in a quick stopover in New York to catch up with friends and to do some cheeky shopping and Kate booked in a massage. We both enjoyed the enforced rest of a transatlantic flight – eight hours with no interruptions – unbelievable bliss!

Have you ever been away without your baby? We’d love to hear your tips

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