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How to manage your baby’s constipation

How to manage your baby’s constipation

It’s true what they say – you talk about poo so much when you have a baby. And now, I guess I also write about poo.

What happened to us?

For The Girl, she struggled with constipation for what felt like AGES. She was absolutely fine with baby rice (Organix all the way!), vegetables and fruit purees until about 7 months old. When we were visiting family in the US, I ran out of the UK baby rice I had brought so I bought a US brand rice — organic, no sugar etc etc, but still full of sh**. I really should have known better than to give it to her, but I figured 2 tablespoons couldn’t do too much damage. Little did I know…

First, it was the lack of movements. She didn’t poo for 7 days, and when she did, it was pellets. AWFUL. During those 7 days, we tried EVERYTHING.

Then, it was the irregularity. Once she started going to the loo again, she still wasn’t normal for probably 4 weeks. Even after 4 weeks, she had pellets occasionally. I thought I had tried everything during those 7 days — nope, there were way more things to try that I explored in those 4 weeks.

In retrospect, I got slightly obsessed by it. The picture below is what I gave the GP when I visited to demonstrate how many things I tried – needless to say he didn’t care at all and just prescribed laxatives!

I should have gone to the GP sooner and not tried so many woo-woo methods. That being said, the woo-woo methods are SUPER helpful at keeping the constipation at bay.

What worked?

  • Getting medical advice from the GP and using prescribed laxatives
  • Once off the laxatives, increasing fruit options and water intake at each meal
  • Flax-seed muffins (Thanks to Em who suggested these!)
  • Prune cookies
  • Acupressure points to relieve constipation
  • Probiotics

What else did I try and what happened?

  • Pureed prunes – only worked as a one-off, it didn’t help long term
  • Increase water intake – this helps now, but it didn’t help to fix it once we had the problem
  • Peddling legs, tummy massage & warm baths – worked as a one-off
  • Diluted juice – it didn’t help
  • Papaya – it didn’t help
  • Anal stimulation (think cotton bud and vaseline!) – nothing happened!
  • Increase milk intake – no idea if this helped.
  • Rosemary essential oil – smelled nice!

Has your little one had similar problems? Is there anything that you’ve tried that works? Let me know!

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