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The Girl can walk! But I wasn’t expecting to feel this way…

The Girl can walk! But I wasn’t expecting to feel this way…

The Girl is nearly 11 months old and she started walking two weeks ago!

Totally unexpectedly, right before bedtime, she haphazardly walked 10 steps to my husband. It was nothing short of amazing! To say I was elated is an understatement – I messaged almost everyone on my whatsapp list, sending voice notes and videos. I probably went a bit extreme!!! But, this was a big milestone – a big moment.

I obviously knew this moment would come. The Girl has developed quickly physically – she rolled at 4 months and crawled at 6 months, so I knew I didn’t have much time left.

But I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast.

The next day, I wasn’t so elated. I woke up in a funk – an inexplainable grumpiness and internal sadness. I couldn’t understand why as I really didn’t have any reason to be. Regardless, I let myself feel what I was feeling – which involved lots of random tears and getting emotional about EVERYTHING (not like like normal self!).

It wasn’t until I was talking to Em and she said in the midst of another conversation, “The Girl is growing up, she isn’t a baby anymore” that I promptly burst into tears. Once I got over the embarrassment of crying (and making Em cry!), I rejoined the conversation and realised that’s exactly why I was in a funk.

The Girl isn’t a baby anymore. The baby days are over, I survived through them, I did them — I did it. Her walking woke me up to that fact!

She’s growing up. I have no doubt I’ll have a million more of these moments as she grows and hits other milestones – I can only hope that I have friends along the way to point out the things I’m not seeing and tell me it’s OK.

After a few (unsuccessful) trips to Chiswick High Road to check out Trotters, texts to my physio friend asking about the best kind of shoe and going down a rabbit hole of googling –  I found a beautiful wine coloured pair of StartRite velcro shoes on Charles Clinkard. They arrived just in time so she can perfect her walking skills outside! I have been really happy with the quality of the shoes as well — they are flexible and durable, I have every confidence that they are giving her the right stability. She loves them — and by that I mean she chews on them non-stop.

On a lighter note, I also wasn’t expecting to find The Girl’s continual attempts at walking with her hands up and a goofy smile on her face to be so hilarious — she has me laughing all day.

How did it feel when your baby walked? Did walking, or any other milestone, trigger this wave of emotions for anyone else? I’d love to hear — partially so I know I’m not totally crazy…!

Photo credit: The Girl’s shoes.

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  • That was a great article Kate – loved it! It is OK to have those feelings – they grow up WAY TO FAST and let yourself feel and enjoy every moment. Just wait until she drives away in the car for the first time – or goes to college on the other side of the world – just saying!

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