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Day in the life of Em

Day in the life of Em

Before I had The Boy I found day-in-the-life type posts fascinating to see what life actually is like with a kid.

I hope you find this one interesting! To recap The Boy is nearly one, we have a nannyshare 4 days a week and I work 4 days / 5 days on alternate weeks.

The day outlined below (Wednesday) is typical for a “go to work” day (I go in on average 2 days / week)

5.30am – Wake up! I dont need an alarm any more because The Boy is an EARLY BIRD! He usually wakes around 5am. Trying to move wakeups to 6 / 6.30 is a constant battle! After some quick cuddles it’s downstairs to make up some milk. The Boy has been formula fed since he was 4 1/2 months old.

6.30am – Around 6.30 I usually go wake The Boy’s Dad so he can take over the childcare. Having quickly got dressed I will tidy up the house, put on the laundry and prepare any food needed for the day. We are both trying to be better about bringing food to work and I need to check there is food for the kids and for the Nanny (she eats breakfast and lunch at our house)

7.20am – Quickly leave the house to make the 7.28 train. We are lucky to live only 5 minutes walk from the station. I usually spend the train journey whatsapping with the nanny instructions for the day and talking to Kate about blog ideas and our current parenting challenges!

8.20am – Arrive at my desk! Time to get to the emails!

10.00am – Coffee club! If anyone else is in the office I try to make time to catch up with a coffee. Working in a remote / Global team its good to make connections when you can and I always find mornings are quieter than afternoons as most of the people I work with are in the US

12.00pm – Didn’t make lunch so pop out to grab a sandwich / sushi. Eat lunch looking thru the kiddy pics our nanny sent of their morning activity – looks like so much fun!

4.30pm – Leave work to miss the rush hour. I tend to move my calls around in the afternoon so I can leave early and get home when it’s less busy and can be faster. I use the commute home time to think thru next steps on some business issues and plan what I need to do this evening.

5.25pm – Get home and rush to see The Boy! He is usually just finishing dinner and ready for playtime! I usually try to play with him and his little friend while I chat to the nanny about her day

6.00pm – We’re lucky to share our nanny with a close friend so when she comes to pick up her daughter we get some time to catch up! She’s expecting twins soon so lots to talk about! We also use the time to talk about anything that affects the nannyshare like upcoming vacation time or pension enrollment changes.

6.30pm – Bath time, milk, toothbrushing and bed. The Boy usually goes to bed really quickly – probably because he was up so early!

7.00pm – I usually put on something quick for dinner on days I go into the office. While it is cooking I log back on to work and quickly finish up anything that was waiting.

7.30pm– The Boy’s Dad comes home ready for dinner. We’re both knackered so opt to eat in front of the TV. Once we’re done I load and unload the dishwasher while we catch up about our day. Sometimes I will continue to do work but usually I am ready to peace out!

8.45pm – Bath time is sacred to me. I use the time to wind down as part of my bedtime routine.

9.15pm – Time to get in bed! I catch up on celebrity gossip before putting on a podcast. Usually I fall asleep before it even finishes the intro

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